Fractal sunrise

Fractal sunrise

<<One who looks outside dreams, one who looks inside awakens.>>


Carl Jung




Diving under a watercolour sun,

Rising with the sickle moon.


Snake spined in the sand,

We called the desert Trickster spirit

Out to play.


In Your alpine eyes

I saw us.


Making love without making love.


I went to the universe in your mouth

as Venus blinked.


Under her we were all beautiful.

Tasting infinity

on a desert industrial beach.


Beatrix Sokali

Silencing the Past

Silencing the Past

<<…the presences and absences embodied in sources (artefacts and bodies that turn an event into fact) or archives (facts collected, thematised, and processed as documents and monuments) are neither neutral or natural, they are created. As such, they are not mere presences and absences, but mentions or silences of various kinds and degrees. By silence, I mean an active and transitive process: one “silences” a fact or an individual as a silencer silences a gun. One engages in the practice of silencing. Mentions and silences are thus active, dialectical counterparts of which history is the synthesis.>>

Michel-Rolph Trouillot, Silencing the Past: Power and Production of History